One-day Tour to Hsinchu for Wonderland Teachers !

08:30-08:50 Meet at Taipei Main Station North 2 Exit
09:00-10:30 Bus to MaWuDu Forest
10:30-12:30 MaWuDu Forest Trail
12:30-14:30 Lunch- BBQ
14:30-15:00 Bus to King-Yong DIY Tomato Farm
15:00-16:30 King-Yong DIY Recreation Farm - DIY included
16:30-18:30 Bus to Taipei


Ma Wu Du Forest

The Ma Wu Du Forest is known for its rich species of animals and plants and numerous waterfalls. The name comes from the Atayal people’s language and translates, roughly, to mean Forest of Abundant Wood and Cool Clear Water. The park is home to two ancient Chinese Red Bayberry trees (Myrica Rubra) under management of the Forest Bureau. They are known as "Grandpa Yangmei"- forest management number No. 22 – nearly 300 years old and "Grandma Yangmei"- forest management number of No. 23 at nearly 500! These two national treasures stand side by side in Ma Wa Du forest. And, there is a viewing platform from which you can drink in the vistas of the Ma Wu Du Forest and the mountain scenery of Taoyuan County.

King-Yong DIY Tomato Farm

At the King-Yong DIY Tomato Farm you’ll find more than 30 kinds of tomatoes from all over the world! Different colors and different nutritional values, a colorful pepper garden, an organic greenhouse with a strawberry garden, gourd painting, Hakka rice, Lei Cha, flower DIY and so much more! Combining agricultural production, ecology, and life.